The Archives: A Tiny Sampling of Old Work

You’ll find a tiny sampling of my old work posted here under the category KMK Archives

What you’ll find is not in chronological order, and it’s certainly not comprehensive or representative of all I’ve done. Some pieces are historically relevant; some highlight projects I particularly enjoyed; others you may find fun or interesting; and perhaps one will lead you to muse and consider a time period or event from your own life.

There are also many writings, articles, logos, designs, videos, and case studies I will NOT post publicly for reasons of copyright, respect of a person or organization for whom I did the work, or, quite frankly, because the work is not very interesting or germane to the general public. In certain situations I may show some of this sample work privately.

The other reason not much is posted here because I don’t tend to save much! This was especially true in pre-digital days, when stacks and files of papers would grow too large for my comfort and scanning or photographing papers was not easy, so I would toss most work without keeping any record. Yes, occasionally I wish I had kept a sample of this, that, or the other project — but that feeling too passes!

NOTE: I’ll be adding items to the archives collection through September, 2020.

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