Websites Offering Support and Resources to Ukrainians

Friends and colleagues have recommended the following websites, which offer support to Ukrainians fleeing the country as well as those who remain within Ukraine.

  • Support resources website available in English, Ukrainian, and Russian languages, hosted in Romania —
  • For refugees entering entering Romania, this website has FAQs in English, Ukrainian, and Russian —
  • Polska Akcja Humanitarian (PAH) is a respected Polish nonprofit currently helping Ukrainian refugees in Poland and Ukrainians who remain in their country. PAH has a fundraiser on Siepomaga, which is similar to GoFundme. The site is not taking any percentage from donations — all funds go to PAH.
  • Star, a consulting company headquartered in Kyiv, started this fund to help their employees and the families of the employees. (I know a handful of these folks, as we partnered extensively with Star teams when I was working with IPG.)

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