Multi-talented, service-oriented, inquisitive, creative, organized, flexible, and understated, I don’t fit neatly into any category. 

Crossing boundaries of categorization often confuses people, even though it makes life more interesting and expands the realm of what is in-bounds and possible. In my case, I believe the diversity of my background and experience also makes me more effective in what I do, which is to connect individuals and groups across cultures, languages, and ways of being to facilitate and enhance awareness; communicate to cultivate understanding; organize thoughts, people, systems, things, events, and tasks to improve flow; and help advance individual, business, and community growth.

My work, experiences, studies, and journeys have been, and are, diverse. I’ve had the good fortune to initiate, manage, and otherwise support projects and work close to my heart, travel a good bit, and continuously explore my own spirit, being, interests, and callings.

In terms of work, I’ve run my own businesses; held positions and consulted in the corporate world; worked with NGOs and nonprofits; managed programs, projects, and departments; produced international events; made films; raised awareness about communities that are unrecognized or face discrimination; built teams and departments; mentored people; trained and educated adults in technical matters as well as personal and professional development; designed websites, logos, and other communications; and worked as a journalist, professional athlete, and more. 

Since childhood, I’ve been drawn to spirituality, metaphysics, and philosophy. I’ve always been interested in how we think, how what we think creates our world, and how changing our thoughts and actions — changing ourselves — changes the world. After a fair amount of study, including 35+ years of Jin Shin Jyutsu studies and 30 years with my spiritual teacher Mata Amritanandamayi Devi (Amma), I feel as if I have provisionally graduated to kindergarten of understanding and living.

On a parallel track, I’ve also had a lifelong interest in communications, public relations, journalism, teaching, advertising, and design — all of which influence how we think and how our world manifests. I attribute my interests in these areas to genetic tendencies and, as a kid, having received encouragement and modeling, a plethora of reading material, exposure to music and art, and an outstanding education.

Always inquisitive, organized, and interested in improving whatever I was doing or using, I didn’t realize until I was well into adulthood that the organizing, design, and STEAM skills I have were not shared by everyone! These interests and abilities seem natural to me because of my mom, who consciously imparted them to me. A designer by instinct and training, she could organize, troubleshoot, and fix anything, and had amazing STEAM skills, which she taught me in the course of daily life. My mom also gave me her love and respect for textiles, the fiber arts, and people who work with their hands, heart, care, and attention to create beautiful items. This appreciation is one of the primary factors that led to my founding Sardinian Arts, a beloved project of my heart.

In addition, my mom taught and modeled how to treat everyone with love, respect, and dignity — lessons underscored and expanded upon by my spiritual mother, and reinforced by the discrimination I and those I love have faced. Since I’ve been a kid, I’ve understood, supported, and stood up for those discriminated against, exploited, outcast, and/or overlooked.

I’ve always felt deeply that everyone must be treated fairly, equally, and with respect and dignity — not as a social cause, but because people (as well as animals) must be given the opportunity, freedom, and support they need to discover, explore, and express themselves as they seek their personal best and highest good.

As diverse as these threads of my history, interests, and work may seem, they form the foundational weft for what I seek to do on a deeper level: Help each of us connect with the self within, so that we can each know, express, and be our highest potential in this world and universe in which we are all connected.

To read more about my work and life, see this page. You’ll find links to my resume, archives, and so forth there, too.

~ Kelly Manjula Koza