Tramite means conduit, vessel, channel, or means of communication in Italian.*

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My work as a tramite is to connect individuals and groups across cultures, languages, and diverse modes of expression. I help people and organizations communicate effectively to cultivate understanding and solve problems to increase efficacy. 

In deeper sense, I seek to help each of us connect with the self within, so that we can each know, express, and be our highest potential. 

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A multi-faceted, bilingual communications professional who connects across cultures, languages, and diverse modes of expression, I help people and organizations communicate effectively to cultivate understanding and solve problems.

An experienced program manager and project manager, I’m technically adept yet human-focused. I synthesize data and simplify complex topics to ensure leadership teams, stakeholders, and others have the information needed to make optimal decisions. I act as a liaison across and within teams to ensure requirements, concerns, and issues are effectively conveyed and understood. I build cohesion and enhance communication across and within teams, and clarify program/project requirements, objectives, and goals to ensure they align with and support overarching goals. An excellent planner, I’m organized yet flexible, and experienced running Agile, Kanban, waterfall, and hybrid projects. I have insightful understanding of software and content development lifecycles and processes, and identify, anticipate, and work to resolve issues across siloed teams. I manage projects and teams across borders, uplift team members, and mentor junior colleagues.

I’ve worked with top software companies, advertising firms, utilities, international NGOs, and nonprofits. I also produce events, make documentary films, develop PR programs, write, teach, design, raise awareness of cultural issues, and provide Italian-English coaching and translation. I’ve traveled extensively and am comfortable living across borders, especially in Italy. I work to preserve, protect, and promote Sardinian handweavers, arts, and heritage

An innovative, visionary, hands-on leader with a global perspective, I’m also a service-oriented team player who keenly understands individuals.

To read more about my work and life in a more personal sense, see this page. You’ll find links to my resume, archives, and so forth there, too.

~ Kelly Manjula Koza

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