Il Tramonto — Sunset at Alghero, Sardinia

Il tramonto ad Alghero, Sardegna, con una bellissima vista di Capo Caccia. Non è accompagnata da una colonna sonora. Il video è stato registrato 2018 09 20 dal muro della vecchia città, senza treppiede o manicotti per il microfono, e le sonore ambiente erano quelle della città, rumorose; perciò, sono stati eliminati.

Sunset at Alghero, Sardinia, with a beautiful view of Capo Caccia. It’s a silent video. The video was recorded from the old city walls on 2018 09 18, without tripod or wind muff, and the ambient sounds were loud city noises, so they’ve been removed.

E’ lungo e forse noioso. . . o no!

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Sardinian Arts — The Answer is Yes

Sardinian Arts is work of my heart, designed to share my love of the Sardinian handweavers, their art, and Sardinia in general. I seek to help preserve, protect, promote, encourage, and advance the tessitrici artigianali and the arts, culture, heritage, land, economy, and people of Sardinia in a sustainable manner.

Sardinian Arts is designed to highlight the weavers. However, the website and what I do for Sardinian Arts also provide examples of the scope, style, and quality of work I do, so I mention it here, especially as people often ask questions such as the following:

Is Sardinian Arts all my work?

Yes. Sardinian Arts is a one-woman production. In the past, I did hire some part-time contract help for certain tasks, but that was short-lived.

Did I made the documentary I Want to Weave the Weft of Time, found on the website?

Yes. I conceived, filmed, edited, narrated, and produced the film. Thanks to Ruth Mendelson for her fabulous soundtrack, which makes the movie. 

Did I conceive, organize, and produce the 2017 exhibit and the related projects?


Did I design the logo?


Did I write the copy on

Yes. I wrote the copy and all posts. (The few exceptions are Italian versions of the artists’ “In Their Own Words” pages, where I post what the weavers wrote in Italian. I translated each artist’s statement into English. Intentionally, I do not optimize the copy for SEO.)

Did I take the photos?


Did I design and put the site together myself? 


Do I design ads and collateral myself?


Do I write my own presentations?


Have I met the weavers mentioned? 

Yes. Some have become family.

Come visit if you haven’t yet!

~ KM Koza