The App You Can’t Resist — ChocoL8

Now you can get chocolate delivered instantly, whenever and wherever you are! 

Who can — and who would — resist?

ChocL8 is a new app that delivers premium chocolate to the palm of your hand, instantly. It’s simple — download the app to your phone, press the ChocoL8 Now button, and remember to cup your palm to catch the chocolate, which drops into your hand within seconds!

ChocoL8’s basic free version delivers small bars of chocolate from mainstream candy makers including Mars, Hershey’s, and Ghirardelli. Set your preferences to Dark, Milk, or Both, and receive up to three pieces of your preferred chocolate type each day. Surprise premium chocolates are delivered on your birthday and other holidays. 

Paid premium versions of the app include gourmet chocolates, additional configuration options, and higher daily allotments.

ChocoL8’s Premium subscription ($19.99 monthly) includes chocolate from Tcho, Ferrero Rocher, La Mourette, Perugina, Venchi, Domori, Bonnat, Callebaut, Guittard, Gianduiotto from Carrafel, plus specialities from other fine chocolatiers around the world. Each day, you receive up to 25 pieces of chocolate selected automatically from your configuration options.

Premium configuration options include the ability to specify the percentage of cocoa for dark chocolate, inclusions (such as specific types of nuts, cocoa nibs, salt, ginger, coffee, and so forth), flavors (such as cayenne, cinnamon, or burnt caramel), country of bean origin, country of chocolate production, and options for fair-trade certified, vegan, and locally-made. The paid version also enables you to block certain brands of chocolate even if they fall within your other configured options.

For those with extreme chocolate tendencies, ChocoL8’s Connoisseur subscription ($39.99 monthly) includes all premium chocolates and configuration options, plus unlimited daily chocolates and access to limited, single-batch chocolate delights created by local-to-you chocolate makers. In-app notifications alert you to the availability of each Connoisseur batch. Due to the limited availability of single-batch items, not all items will be available to all Connoisseur-level subscribers. 

ChocoL8 has also developed a dynamic Personalized Melt Factor Algorithm (PMFA) for each piece of chocolate to ensure you can enjoy it before it melts in your hands. The higher the melt factor, the more quickly you must eat the chocolate to avoid it melting. To calculate the PFMA, the algorithm considers the specific type of chocolate; the temperature, sunlight, and humidity of your current location; and the temperature of your hand, how tightly you hold the chocolate, and whether or not you use your phone for other tasks (making videos, taking photos, or talking/texting) when savoring your chocolate. 

ChocoL8 users can rate chocolates within the app, and share ratings, selfies, and videos of chocolate tastings on various social networks. Connoisseur level subscribers also have access to exclusive in-app tasting room experiences. 

ChocoL8 is available on The App Store and Google Play. 

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