Sardinian Arts — The Answer is Yes


People often ask me about Sardinian Arts.

Did I write the copy on

Yes. I wrote the copy and all posts. (The few exceptions are Italian versions of the artists’ “In Their Own Words” pages, where I post what the weavers wrote in Italian. I translated each artist’s statement into English.)

Did I made the documentary I Want to Weave the Weft of Time, found on the website?

Yes. I conceived, filmed, edited, narrated, and produced the film. Thanks to Ruth Mendelson for her fabulous soundtrack, which makes the movie. 

Did I take the photos?


Did I design the logo?


Did I design and put the site together myself? 


Do I design ads and collateral myself?


Did I conceive, organize, and produce the 2017 exhibit and the related projects?


Do I write my own presentations?


Have I met the weavers mentioned? 

Yes. Some have become family.

Sardinian Arts is a work of my heart, designed to share my love of the Sardinian handweavers, their art, and Sardinian in general. I seek to help preserve, protect, promote, encourage, and advance the tessitrici artigianali and the arts, culture, heritage, land, economy, and people of Sardinia in a sustainable manner.

Sardinian Arts is designed to highlight the weavers. However, the website and what I do for Sardinian Arts also provide examples of the scope, style, and quality of work I do.

Come visit the website if you haven’t yet!

~ KM Koza