Tramite means conduit, vessel, channel, or means of communication in Italian.*

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My work as a tramite is to:

  • Connect individuals and groups across cultures, languages, teams, and ways of being to enhance awareness, expand perception, cultivate understanding, and facilitate communication
  • Organize ideas, systems, programs, events, and people
  • Create messages that educate and resonate, using video, photos, words, and humanity  
  • Advance individual, business, and community growth and well-being

At a deeper level, I seek to help each of us discover, express, and be our highest potential. 


Multi-talented, service-oriented, inquisitive, creative, organized, and flexible, I don’t fit neatly into any category. 

Crossing boundaries of classification often confuses people, even though it makes life more interesting and expands the realm of what is in-bounds and possible. In my case, I’m grateful that an atypical background, natural curiosity, diverse learned and inherent skills, an exceptional foundational education, and wide-ranging experience have given me a strong ability to understand, coxmmunicate, and organize.

I’m thankful for the diversity life has brought and continues to offer me. I’ve had the good fortune to initiate, manage, and otherwise support projects and work close to my heart, reap the benefits of the awareness, understanding, and connection fostered by a good bit of travel, and continuously explore my own spirit, being, interests, and callings.

I’ve always felt deeply that everyone must be treated fairly, equally, and with respect and dignity — not as a social cause, but because people (as well as animals) must be given the opportunity, freedom, and support they need to discover, explore, and express themselves as they seek their personal best, their highest good. . . .

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~ Kelly Manjula Koza

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