Solutions for Individuals

My work as a tramite includes helping individuals navigate difficulties, reduce stress, find purpose, nurture dreams, build confidence, and ignite passion for life by self-enquiry, discovering what is personally meaningful, cultivating this, and bringing our highest potential into realization within and without.

If you’re looking to develop professionally, expand your personal awareness, instigate change in your life, or respond optimally to change that comes to you, I offer my experience and expertise.

If you’re considering work or a project of your own, I help you:

  • Explore new ideas 
  • Discover and foster buried talents and interests
  • Spark a connection between what you feel inside and your work in the world
  • Plan and brainstorm for change
  • Evaluate new ideas, directions, projects, and businesses
  • Develop and implement business plans based on your ideas and intuition
  • Jump-start projects and small businesses 
  • Develop efficient operations processes and systems
  • Select hardware and software that suits your needs
  • Protect yourself and your assets by implementing simple cybersecurity best practices 
  • Craft and present your story

If you seek to expand your awareness personally and professionally, I help you:

  • Select practices to increase your self awareness, mindfulness, and intention
  • Overcome inner obstacles and reduce stress
  • Listen to and follow your inner guidance
  • Understand how to be present for those little moments of great importance
  • Enhance your communications skills (writing, presenting, interviewing, etc.)
  • Improve your English language skills (TESOL-certified)
  • Prepare for international travel and cross-cultural experiences

I also offer related services for businesses

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