Solutions for Individuals

I believe my work as a tramite includes helping individuals navigate difficulties, reduce stress, find purpose, nurture dreams, build confidence, and ignite passion for life by self-enquiry, discovering what is personally meaningful, cultivating this, and bringing our highest potential into realization within and without.

I offer a range of standard services to support your personal and professional development, and consulting to help you pivot when your life and/or work call for change. I also offer related services for businesses.

Solving Challenges for Individuals

I help you by:

  • Jump-starting projects and small businesses
  • Planning and brainstorming for change
  • Managing projects
  • Crafting and presenting your story
  • Coaching for personal and professional development, including:
    • Self awareness, mindfulness, and intention
    • Stress reduction
    • Communications skills (writing, presenting, interviewing, etc.)
    • English language skills (TESOL-certified)
    • Cross-cultural awareness
    • International travel preparedness
    • Technology awareness
    • Cybersecurity best practices
    • Business startup
    • Skills discovery, application, and optimization

Especially if you’re starting or running a small business, I help you by:

  • Business planning, with compassion and intelligence
  • Writing and editing
  • Developing and managing communications
  • Creating and optimizing business processes
  • Producing, filming, and editing video
  • Producing and promoting events
  • Public relations strategy
  • Translating (Italian-English)
  • Introducing you to technologies and best practices to support your business and minimize your stress.

Helping You Embrace the Best of Yourself

Do you feel like you need to show up for your own life to identify, claim, and positively apply your unique talents in a way that has meaning for you?

Do you want to:

  • Explore new ideas;
  • Discover and foster buried talents and interests;
  • Brainstorm and evaluate new ideas and directions;
  • Overcome inner obstacles and reduce stress;
  • Listen to and follow your inner guidance?

Rising to your highest potential and bringing meaning into your life is not aspiring to some ideal you saw advertised online, or or meeting someone else’s expectation of what you should do and be. 

It’s listening to your inner self and aligning your everyday life, actions, work, and being to what calls you. It’s finding how your unique gifts seek to find expression. 

It’s listening to the call inside of who and what you are, of what you feel guided to be and do, and bringing that into form in the world. 

This takes tremendous courage. 

I can help you through the process. 

I’ve stepped — and run, and fallen — down many paths, both in the world and within myself. I support and guide you as an experienced voyager who has trodden the streets you’re venturing, rather than as a travel agent who points you towards a path they themselves have not walked. 

Years of my experience are at your disposal to help you discover and navigate your path.

Your path and the expression it takes are unique. They may manifest in your work, volunteerism, personal projects, family, or some other way. 

Giving expression to what’s inside — your spirit, your anima — can be as simple as listening to the voice inside that guides you to talk with a particular person at the restaurant or setting aside time to pursue pottery making. It could be as challenging as starting a new business based on your talents and expertise.

Take advantage of my experience to make your path easier. Use my years invested in personal growth, professional growth, overcoming obstacles, and working with small businesses, startups, big corporations, sports, nonprofits, projects of diverse types, and my explorations internationally and internally to help you.

I work with you in practical ways, including to:

  • Explore new ideas
  • Discover and foster buried talents and interests
  • Spark a connection between what you feel inside and your work in the world
  • Communicate, write, and speak to express your thoughts and feelings clearly
  • Brainstorm and evaluate new ideas, directions, projects, and even businesses that stem from your inner discovery
  • Create and step through personal projects that express your talent
  • Develop and implement business plans based on your ideas and intuition
  • Understand how to be present for those little moments of great importance
  • Overcome inner obstacles and reduce stress
  • Listen to and follow your inner guidance

Please contact me to get started.