Solutions for Business

As an experienced and inspired communications professional adept at managing programs, projects, and people across teams and borders, I help people and organizations communicate effectively to cultivate understanding and solve problems to increase efficacy.

If you need help conducting business between Sardinia and the United States, I have experience arranging projects and events between the two, and am passionate about helping Sardinia grow and thrive in a sustainable manner. I can also help you bridge cultures between Milano and the US.

Solving Problems for Business

I help you by:

  • Identifying and solving problems that impede project workflow and organizational efficacy
  • Surfacing and resolving issues often invisible to siloed departments
  • Synthesizing data to provide insight
  • Simplifying confusing topics
  • Building cohesion and enhancing communication across and within teams
  • Clarifying program/project requirements, objectives, and goals to ensure they align with and support organizational goals
  • Aligning and streamlining workflow, sprints, messaging, and documentation across the organization
  • Liaising among Product, Development, Engineering, UI/UX, Support, Marketing, Operations, Leadership, and other teams to ensure the requirements, concerns, and issues of all teams are effectively conveyed
  • Helping leadership teams and stakeholders determine data and other inputs required to make effective decisions
  • Transforming product ideas into roadmaps
  • Planning and developing business processes
  • Creating and managing effective agile, kanban, and hybrid workflows
  • Managing programs
  • Managing projects
  • Optimizing resources
  • Building and motivating teams
  • Producing and promoting events
  • Developing and managing communications
  • Crafting and presenting your story
  • Writing and editing
  • Producing, filming, and editing documentaries
  • Translating (Italian-English)
  • Teaching, training, and educating you and your team
  • Coaching for personal and professional development, including
    • Communications skills (writing, presenting, interviewing, etc.)
    • English language skills (TESOL-certified)
    • Cross-cultural awareness
    • International travel preparedness
    • Stress reduction
    • Cultivating and following intuitive guidance
    • Coaching to avoid cybersecurity social engineering threats

Acting as a Liaison Between Sardinia and The United States

With great respect, love, and appreciation, I serve as a liaison to Sardinia, her people, and the many amazing gems she offers.

If you are in the US and want to import or work with Sardinian products, or in Sardinia and want to expand to the US, I’m especially interested in talking with you!

I’ve successfully organized events, publicity, and more between Sardinia and the US, and I’m dedicated to enriching and preserving Sardinian’s land, people, culture, arts, and traditions in a sustainable manner.

I personally work to promote and communicate the value of handmade items, artists, and craftspeople. See for more information.

I work remotely and/or on-site in the United States and Italy, and can travel as the situation demands.

Contact me to discuss your needs and how I can help.