Solutions for Business

Working with businesses, my role is often that of program manager, project manager, operations advisor, facilitator, trainer, content creator, or liaison. 

I also offer presentations designed to help you and your team reach through the chaos of today’s world, realize shared human values in relevant, surprising areas, and find inspiration in the everyday.

If you need help conducting business between Sardinia and the United States, I have experience arranging projects and events between the two, and am passionate about helping Sardinia grow and thrive in a sustainable manner. I can also help you bridge cultures between Milano and the US.


Here’s a more specific list of what I offer:

  • Program management and project management (Agile, Kanban, Hybrid)
  • Event management
  • Operations setup, analyses, and optimization (workflow, process, and system creation with iterations)
  • Technology selection and configuration (selecting and setting up hardware/software/applications for your workflow)
  • Cybersecurity best practices training and implementation
  • Meeting facilitation (executive, strategy, brainstorming, planning, creative, and so on)
  • Message creation and refinement (crafting and presenting your story)
  • Content development (training, messaging)
  • Video filming, editing, and scripting
  • Thoughtful writing and editing
  • Translation Italian – English
  • Training needs assessments, program development, and program management
  • Training (online, blended, and in-person)
  • Content management system planning, organization, and setup
  • Best practices for communicating in diverse, remote working, and international environments
  • Liaison services (Sardegna, Milano)
  • Coaching for personal and professional development, including 
    • Communications skills (writing, presenting, leading meetings, interviewing, etc.) 
    • English language skills (TESOL-certified) 
    • Cross-cultural awareness 
    • International travel preparedness


I offer online and in-person (when possible) presentations on topics that expand awareness and understanding of our world, including:

  • The Importance and Relevance of the Handmade in Today’s World of Technology
  • STEM/STEAM Skills You Didn’t Know Your Grandmother Had
  • The Hidden Beauty of Handwoven Sardinian Textiles and the Women Who Make Them

Liaison Between Sardinia and The United States

With great respect, love, and appreciation, I serve as a liaison to Sardinia, her people, and the many amazing gems she offers.

If you are in the US and want to import or work with Sardinian products, or in Sardinia and want to expand to the US, I’m especially interested in talking with you!

I’ve successfully organized events, publicity, and more between Sardinia and the US, and I’m dedicated to enriching and preserving Sardinian’s land, people, culture, arts, and traditions in a sustainable manner.

I personally work to promote and communicate the value of handmade items, artists, and craftspeople. See for more information.

I work remotely and/or on-site in the United States and Italy, and can travel as the situation demands.

Contact me to discuss your needs and how I can help.

© Kelly Manjula Koza unless otherwise noted.